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Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Goulden, a Cambridge educated scholar, takes an individualistic approach to market analysis, focusing on deep principles and exploring trading techniques based on foundational systems. This deep, many layered approach provides non-correlated confirmation of Gann from different angles, such as financial astrology based on ancient systems.
Market Biography
Market Biography
Market Biography
Biographies of market masters, traders and historical figures in our field.
In Ancient times, art was more than a form of entertainment or decoration, being a means of preserving various forms and levels of knowledge, including scientific principles. A core element is called "The Canon", whereby through ratio, proportion, shape and symbolism, an entire system of universal knowledge can be encoded and preserved.
Harmonics and Music
The science of harmonics is one of the most important subjects in the esoteric and scientific traditions, positing that harmonic relationships of vibration govern the structure of the universe. W.D. Gann called his system of market order the "Law of Vibration", and used principles of harmonics and vibration to predict trends in the financial markets.
We have a selected collection of unusual books presenting alternative metaphysical concepts and mathematics, including conceptual approaches useful for financial forecasting or more esoteric cosmological theory. Both WD Gann and Dr. Baumring used methods of calculating universal ordering processes focused upon methods of prediction.
Natural Order
Natural Order
Natural Order
Natural Order has from ancient times looked deeply into principles of order behind nature and the universe, like phyllotaxis which governs the placement of leaves on plants, the harmonic ratios between the placement of the planets in the solar system, or the spirilic mathematics of galaxies. Natural order reveals magical relationships in the natural world.
Dr Lorrie V. Bennett
Dr Lorrie V. Bennett
Dr Lorrie V. Bennett
Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett is a master of the Law of Vibration and a true expert on the science of the great W.D. Gann. Her recently released 4-Volume Master Series "The Law of Vibration" contains her entire teachings on Gann Theory in the transparent light of practical application. Learn in real-time from a living master's books and her interactive online forum.
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History’s most intriguing financial analyst, forecaster and trader, W. D. Gann produced a 10,000% return with a 93% success rate in an audited 1909 interview. Gann said his market theory was based upon the Law of Vibration, leading scholars and analysts on a 100 year intellectual quest deep into  theoretical physics, alternative science and esoteric philosophy, seeking to understand a cosmological ordering system linking the financial markets to the influences of natural science.
Our most popular author, Dan Ferrera is a master of making complicated ideas easy to apply. His 9 courses present KEY elements of Gann Theory & Technical Analysis including Time Cycles, the Square of 9, Periodicity, Price Structure, Swing Trading and Risk Management, providing advanced tools for the average trader. His popular Yearly Outlook provides a fascinating and accurate analysis of market action.

Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration! After 20 years of grueling research she discovered a complex code in Gann's texts which led her to the full solution. Following in Baumring's footsteps, Dr. Bennett lays out the science behind the Law of Vibration in an intensive 4 Volume Advanced Series revealing the Patterns, Numbers, Planets & Geometry behind Gann's secret trading system.

Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have fully cracked W. D. Gann’s full Cosmological System! He reproduced Gann’s results, forecasting markets within 3 minutes of turning points. He extended Gann’s Law of Vibration into DNA Coding, Chaos Theory, & Topology, creating multi-dimensional, mathematical models of the markets, proving them to be a fully Deterministic System. The deepest Gann research sourcework ever compiled.

Cutting edge Space & Solar Researchers, Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck’s Space/Time Forecasting techniques are STILL more advanced than those of NASA or the current scientific community. The Hasbroucks produced 50 years of Market Forecasts with a 90% accuracy rate and were able to forecast Space Weather, Earthquakes & Geomagnetic Storms. Their advanced techniques develop a new Theory of Space Time Field Forces & Influence.

Sean Erikson, a trader and fund manager with 25 years’ experience, provides a set of powerful astro-tools for advanced swing trading based upon celestial mechanics. The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend. This is combined with a simple astro-timing tool which indicates the next 1-3 turns out and a geometrical price projection tool which provides the two most probable price projections for each move.

The solution to Gann's Law of Vibration from the 1909 Ticker Interview. Penicka analyzes Gann’s exact words correlating them with the cutting edge science of Gann’s day to develop a system which identifies the “mathematical points of force” behind all market action. The Periodic Table of Elements determines a system of order based upon atomic structure which generates a master number set for each market defining its structure in price and time.
A Cambridge scholar who, intrigued by the challenge of Gann’s esoteric work created a powerful set of technical tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry, Celestial Mechanics, and Pythagorean Harmonics, which project Price, Time & Trend with exact precision. His 2nd course applies the Secrets of Ancient Astrology to forecast market turns & trends more accurately than the best works on Financial Astrology preceding it.

Prandelli's work is very popular with swing traders due to the usefulness of his Gann tools which project Key Price Levels and Cyclical Turning Points. His courses present practical tools using Gann’s Planetary Longitude Lines and Master Time Cycle which combine with his KEY Risk Management & Trading Strategies to produce10-15% monthly returns consistently. His Yearly Forecast Bulletin provides his ongoing trading signals & strategy.

A profit generating Trading Strategy using Gann's best approach of Leveraged Position Trading to produce large profits from small capital using a powerful secret Options Strategy that maximizes profits through high leverage while greatly limiting risk exposure. Based upon Gann’s book, Profits In Commodities and the author's 20 years experience in Gann research and trading, this method is excellent for busy people with small capital.

A detailed exploration and analysis of W. D. Gann’s Mechanical Trading System illustrating Gann's trading strategy over a period of 15 years. Gann turned $3000 into $6 million over this period, producing a 1400% return in the first 8 months alone. This study provides the foundation that Gann required for ALL of his students before learning to forecast. These techniques still work today producing 570% return in the S&P in 2014 in 3 months!

A New Discovery of a Mathematical Pattern in the Gold Market which forecasts Gold's turns with an 85-95% accuracy over 40 years backtesting. A Scientific Proof of a Cyclical Pattern in the Gold Market which provides a 100 Year Forecast of Gold’s Major Tops & Bottoms and Bull & Bear Market Campaigns out to 2100. This insight will provide you with a series of highly profitable trades for the rest of your life!

W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann.
His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann’s Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann’s unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.

Economic & Stock Market Forecasting W. D. Gann’s Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing

Ferrera’s New Penetrating Breakthrough in Gann Analysis

By Daniel T. Ferrera

Mathematical science, which is the only real science that the entire civilized world
has agreed upon, furnishes unmistakable proof of history repeating itself, and shows that the cycle theory, or harmonic analysis, is the only thing that we can rely upon to ascertain the future.  My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on MATHEMATICAL SEQUENCES. History repeats itself.

— W. D. Gann

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Economic and Stock Market Forecasting by Daniel T. Ferrera ( $2,495.00 )

Intent of Course

The intent of Ferrera’s new course is to present the logic and application of Gann’s science of Mathematical Sequences of periodic market patterns. Ferrera teaches how to use this Mathematical Sequencing in conjunction with Gann’s “cycle theory” in order to forecast the general economy, stock market, or individual stocks, by identifying the expected periodic sequences of market action coming in both the immediate and long-term future.  Ferrera also provides a Key Options Strategy which generates high yield returns with extremely limited risk, allowing traders to take advantage of these forecasts for both intermediate-term and long-term trading.  The course presents new material and a breakthrough insight into one of Gann’s very deepest levels of analysis, which to our knowledge, has never been clearly explained before this course.

The following chart shows REAL cycle forecasts given in Ferrera’s Outlooks based upon Gann’s 8/8/1908 Time Factor presented in this course:

Click to Magnify Image and View Page Slideshow

Introduction & Overview

After seven long years of waiting since Dan Ferrera wrote his last course The Spirals of Growth and Decay, we are very happy to release his newest and latest work, Economic & Stock Market Forecasting, W. D. Gann’s Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing! During these last years, while Ferrera’s interests have focused elsewhere, he has continued to write his General Outlooks, giving a forecast for the economic environment and general stock market for the upcoming year.  These Outlooks have continued to be very popular, and have honed Dan’s analysis and forecasting abilities to a new level, leading him to a NEW BREAKTHROUGH in his understanding of Gann’s most complicated and secretive forecasting methodology, what we would call Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing.

In the Gann quotation above, note Gann’s mention of Mathematical Sequences, in connection with his cycle theory.  This mathematical sequencing has long been considered one of the most mysterious and complicated elements of Gann’s work, and is essentially something so little understood, that almost no Gann expert even discusses it.  The only other person, to our knowledge, who approached this topic was Dr. Jerome Baumring, in his Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration course series, where he ongoingly emphasized the importance of understanding the difference between CYCLES vs. PERIODICITY!  Ferrera’s earlier course, Wheels Within Wheels, The Art of Forecasting Financial Market Cycles, addressed the science of creating composite cycle models from underlying cyclic sine wave components, and his models have proved accurate over the past decade, with projections going out 100 years into the future.  However, the study of PERIODICITY is something entirely different, and is a subject so misunderstood, that most people think it is just another word for cycles, leaving most Gann researchers unaware of this most important of his techniques.

Baumring defined Periodicity as “a sequence of events that occurs at a predetermined interval (cycle),” but he repeatedly emphasized that it was NOT just about finding and combining these underlying cycles, as so many analysts see as the summation of Gann’s cycle work. The interaction of Cycles and Periodicity is something far more complex and important than composite wave models.  It is something more like the sequencing of wheels and gears in a clock, where the rotation of one brings a sequence of rotations of others, which at particular intervals bring about a set of actions, like the ringing of bells, or the movement and chirping of a Coo Coo clock.  A Periodicity, being a “sequence of events,” is essentially a PATTERN that occurs over a period of time, and which recurs at various periods throughout history, mysteriously to most, but with an underlying logic seen by those who understand the SEQUENCING of the cyclic periods of such recurrences.

It is THIS science of the Mathematical Sequencing of Pattern Recurrence, in periodic cyclic intervals, with a stepwise logic and order to their recurrence that has been elaborated in this course with a level of clarity not previously presented in any other work.  Standard cycle work merely scratches the surface of a far more important level of order defined by Periodicity.  This periodic order is like a sort of DNA code, as Baumring taught, wherein a limited number of underlying building blocks (patterns) are sequenced together to define a higher order structure with a mathematical logic to it.  Many traders who work with pattern recognition know that, for each year there will generally be a few matching years from the past which will model the current market action with great accuracy in price, time or both.  Gann teaches to look back 10, 20, 40, 60, 90 and numerous other cyclic variables in the past, to try to identify the active cycle for the current period. But with so many variables and options, analysts either become confused, or create models that are too generalized due to averaging in too much data or using the wrong and inactive sequence segments.

Baumring used to emphasize, “you MUST match like with like!” You cannot match a pattern in a bear market periodicity with one in a Bull market sequence and expect the patterns to behave the same way.  There is a precise logic that determines which of these specific cycles and repeating patterns will be active at any particular time, and without this, you will likely be matching apples with oranges.  But when one knows which of the many Gann cycles have the highest probability of mirroring market patterning sequence for the current time period, one can develop various models of market action, using the most probably variances in patterning from similar repetitions of this sequence in the past.  This is what Gann and Baumring really meant by “Pattern Recognition,” which goes far beyond just finding similarities in pattern formations, through understanding the logic of WHEN and WHY those formations will be sequentially occurring.

History does repeat itself, as Gann so rightly states, but the mathematical sequences that Gann referred to, which provide the KEY to show exactly HOW history repeats itself, have remained long hidden.  In this course, Ferrera will unveil the logic behind Gann’s secret science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing, using numerous examples from over 220 years of Dow Jones stock market data, where he demonstrates again and again exactly HOW history repeats itself, and WHEN to expect which parts of these repetitions going forward in time.  After digesting the material in this course, analysts will have the ability to create forecasts of the market in the same way Ferrera does himself for his Yearly Outlooks, and will understand a deep level of Gann’s teaching that has rarely been understood before.  We have also included the full history of Ferrera’s Yearly Outlooks from 2008-2018 on the included disk, so that students can refer to them to see how exactly Ferrera goes from principle to application.  These Outlooks alone still cost $500 in our catalog and are regularly purchased in bulk by those who desire a deep and serious study of ongoing forecasting applications.  But only in this course is the methodology Ferrera uses to create these Outlooks explained.

Questions & Subjects Addressed

  • How do you find the best possible model from the past to represent the current and future market, in advance?
  • Everyone is familiar with matching recurring patterns from the past, but how do you know WHICH will be the ones that best model the current market?
  • What was Gann’s famous discovery on 8/8/1908, and how does it relate to this study?
  • What might it mean in terms of forecasting and how would one use it?
  • Is the Gann emblem (see above under author’s name) just a nice symbol that Gann chose, or does it have a deeper meaning?
  • Could it also be some kind of a calculator? If so, how would one use it?
  • Does the Gann Emblem relate to the 8/8/08 Time Factor discovery?
  • What secret clue does Gann’s Hexagon Chart hold to the proper sequencing of market patterns?
  • What is Gann’s cubic theory of the market and how is it encoded into his work?
  • How did Marechal create his famous forecast chart?  This course will teach you to create a better one!
  • What did Gann & Baumring really mean when they talked about Pattern Recognition?
  • How can someone with limited funds and a low tolerance for risk make large returns using options?

Includes Ferrera’s Complete Outlooks from 2008-2013 to show the practical application of these techniques as used by Ferrera.

Practical Applications & Options Strategies

In Ferrera’s earlier trading course, The Keys to Successful Speculation, he presents the fundamentals of trading: risk management, account management, position sizing, trade placement, swing determination, all the details every trader needs to know to trade successfully. However, that book was focused primarily on trading the underlying stocks or commodities, and it did not emphasize other strategic trading vehicles, like options.  As the closing, application orientated section of this course, Ferrera has extended his presentation of trading strategies and vehicles to teach traders how to take advantage of the fantastic leverage and limited risk of options.  He presents numerous approaches and strategies to apply to different situations, both short term and long term, for hedging long term positions, as well as for high yield speculative plays.  The following Ferrera excerpt is from this new course:

It is my opinion that every serious trader should learn at least a few simple options strategies. Options are the one investment vehicle that offers the greatest leverage and upside reward potential with a limited amount of risk. Sure you can still lose money but that is the case with all financial vehicles. A major advantage to options is their flexibility and versatility. They can be conservative or very speculative depending on the rules of your strategy. Options allow you to customize your position to your specific set of circumstances.

  • You can protect or hedge a Long position in the market from a decline in prices.
  • You can protect or hedge a Short position in the market from an advance in prices.
  • You can prepare to buy a stock or commodity at a lower price.
  • You can prepare to sell a stock or commodity at a higher price.
  • You can position yourself for a big market move even when you don’t know which way prices will move.
  • You can benefit from a price rise or decline without incurring the cost of buying the stock outright or posting the minimum margin requirements.

Forecasting Individual Stocks

Though this study uses the Dow Jones Industrial Averages as the primary data set, mostly due to the 220 years of readily available historical data for it, the analysis and methodology applies equally to the analysis of any individual stock, commodity, or other market, as well as to any kind of business or economic data or cycle.  W. D. Gann said the following of the relationship between forecasting the general market and the application to individual stocks:

You should not depend upon the Averages to forecast the trend of individual stocks. These Averages give you the general trend, and while many stocks will follow this average trend, you should figure out each stock individually and let its position on geometrical angles and time periods determine the different months in the year when the stock is likely to make many tops and bottoms.  I am always glad to furnish these charts to students of my Course on Forecasting so that they may study the individual stocks and be convinced that the theory will work on an individual stock even better than it will work on the Averages.  No man can study the cycles without being convinced that the time cycles do repeat at regular intervals and that it is possible to forecast future market movements.

— W. D. Gann

Author’s Introduction

Within this material, the techniques, tools and information found to be useful in ascertaining the future outlook of the economy and stock market will be presented. Some techniques have already been discussed in other works, whereas other methods previously released may have given the reader the correct perspective, without developing the skills to put the viewpoint into practice. It is my personal belief, that both time and price exhibit cyclic behaviour. Once one uncovers the cyclic structure of past events presented within available data, the information can readily be utilized to make future projections of what likely lies ahead.

Many forecasters tend to over emphasize short-term events, projecting a potential influence forward in time, without any understanding of a larger cyclic view, the big picture vantage point. Therefore prior to making any predictions about the near term outlook, one must always step back and gain as broad a view as possible, allowing one to accurately judge to the best of their ability what is ahead. Personal experience has shown that it is only from this larger perspective that successful predictions can be divined. Short and intermediate term forecasts are only possible within the context of a much larger view. Emphasizing the smaller view is equivalent to being “penny wise and dollar foolish.”

In making my own forecasts, I have always relied on discerning the larger vantage point based upon a cyclic understanding of time as well as a structural understanding of price. The latter was fully disclosed in my course Spirals of Growth and Decay, Exposing the Underlying Structure of the Financial Markets.  This combination allows me to both forecast the likely future with very good probability, and provides a second method of interpreting what is occurring NOW, in real time. In addition to my own discoveries, the works of W.D. Gann, Louise McWhirter, Professor Weston, J.M. Hurst, William C Garrett, Samuel Benner and others are utilized. No method of forecasting is infallible and thus the real objective in doing such work is to uncover a preponderance of evidence that reveal similar conclusions. Nobody expects perfection in weather forecasts and as such, none should expect anything different with regard to economic or financial forecasts.

Just as one wants to be forewarned of severe weather, such as: hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, heavy snowfall, etc. so they can prepare, evacuate or avoid exposure to dangerous circumstances, the same intent can be applied to the economic environment. As W.D. Gann said in numerous materials, “Forewarned is forearmed.” Many of Gann’s forecasting secrets, specifically with regard to periodicity and history repeating, have been rediscovered here, and are presented in this material as a comprehensive, ready to apply method.

– Daniel T. Ferrera

Data & Software Included with This Course

Included with this course is the complete monthly data for the Dow Jones Industrial Averages from 1790-2010, as well as the complete daily data from 1900-current. This data is given in Excel Spreadsheets, where researchers can easily make charts of any segments of this long history for analysis and pattern comparison. The can also be printed on paper or acetate for further research and comparison of historic patterns and periodicities.

We have also included with this course Ferrera Historical Outlooks: 2008 - 2018 (a $500 value for FREE) so that as you study the procedures taught here, you can also study 11 years of history of how Ferrera used these exact principles to create his own forecasts.  There is nothing like practical application, and Ferrera’s Outlooks show how to walk through the logic of the principles and techniques presented in this course, in order to see the method and sequence of integrating them into a working forecast for the coming year.  You can also validate the success that Ferrera has had using these techniques in predicting the major trends for each of the past 6 years.

Ferrera has also included some useful spreadsheets and tools from his past courses to help researchers with their various analysis and calculations related to this study.  One program calculates any planetary position or relationship of planetary positions backwards and forwards in time, for various cycle to planetary alignment analysis.  Another spreadsheet allows the user to create composite cycle models from as many as 18 underlying sine wave cycles, to model market action according to underlying summational waves.  This provides an excellent means to analyze the underlying cyclic influences behind patterns, so as to adjust for variations in periodic patterns due to shorter term cycle phasing.

Table of Contents

  • Publisher’s Preface
  • Author’s Introduction
  • The Cyclic Perspective of Time
  • 90-Year Cycle From Gann’s Book Tunnel thru the Air
  • 70-Year National Debt Cycle
  • Age of Majority Cycles (21 and 18)
  • 84-Year Cycle & 42-Year Half Cycle
  • 60-Year Master Cycle
  • Jubilee Cycle
  • 17-year & 13-year Jubilee Harmonics
  • 54-Year Cycle. Kondratieff and Samuel Benner
  • Musical Market
  • Clues From Gann’s Forecasting Material
  • Gann’s Hexagon or Cube Theory
  • The Blind Side
  • Master Time Factor & Forecasting Rules
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • 7-Year Cycle
  • The Most Important Time Cycle Is The 20-Year Cycle
  • Jubilee and the 20-Year Cycle
  • Periodic Mind Set
  • 18.6-Year Lunar North Node Cycle
  • McWhirter & the 18.6-Year Cycle
  • The North Node & 20-Year Cycle
  • North Node Market Timing
  • The Gann Emblem & Master Cycles
  • 1929 Practice Exercises
  • Harmonic Motion
  • Important Formulas & Techniques for Working with Planetary Cycles
  • Trend Lines & Trend Channels
  • Bull And Bear Calendar Years
  • Gann Review
  • Forecasting Individual Stocks
  • Understanding The Options Opportunity
  • How Options Basically Work
  • A High Yield /Low Risk Options Strategy
  • Probability Of A Price Move
  • Understanding Option Spreads
  • Other Key Options Strategies
  • Timing Important Stock Market Bottoms
  • Appendices
  • W. D. Gann’s Master Forecasting Course
  • Dow Jones Historical Charts 1790-2013 – 10-Year Sections

Price & Ordering

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Cosmological Economics
Book ID: 334
Publication Date: 2013
Reprint Date: 2007
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W. D. Gann's Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing
285 Pages
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$2,495.00 (New Hardcover)
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The intent of this course is to explain Gann's science of Mathematical Sequencing of periodic market patterns, and how it works in conjunction with Gann's "cycle theory", in order to forecast the general economy, stock market, or individual stocks, through identifying the periodic sequences of market action.

The course presents new material upon one of Gann's very deepest levels of analysis, which to our knowledge has never been so clearly and applicably presented in any other work prior to this.

Numerous Diagrams. Software & Data Included.

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Science of Vibration
Science of Vibration
W. D. Gann coined this term as a basis of his system of market forecasting. It explores theories of aether physics, vortex systems, and universal order as considered in the late 1800’s, incorporated with valuable elements taken from esoteric cosmology. The theory posits that vibration underlies all phenomena, and that harmonic factors govern universal forces.
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